This Man And His Dog Is Making People’s Hearts Soar


On a sunny walk on the roads of Italy, this film near the stadium of Vibo Valentia shows an older gentleman have his sick poor dog on a cart.

The dog can’t walk on its own and they are seen coming home from a walk and he is helping the dog in by lifting him in and giving him assistance to walk the last bit.

Questo video racchiude una sola parola "UMANITÀ" cane con tumore alle ossa, portato a passeggio 3/4 volte al giorno. Bisognerebbe premiare quest'uomo. Nei pressi dello stadio di Vibo Valentia che ne pensate?

Posted by Sabrina la Grotteria on Wednesday, July 18, 2018

This video shows humanity as it’s best.

This poor dog is sick and has bone cancer and he is taken for a walk three-four time a day Grotteria writes in the facebook post.

Video has since gone viral and has over 700 thousand views and have gotten big press coverage with titles like “a trolley for the sick dog that moves Italy

A local newspaper has been able to find the man and every day he takes him on a trolley and says to the paper “I do not do anything extraordinary, the abnormal are those who use violence on animals”.

Here is Tonino Vitale getting an interview in Italian.

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