Nike Relases a Full Length Ad Starring Colin Kaepernick!

nike nfl commercial

After the recent boycott of people burning their Nike’s shoes and the criticism from president Donald Trump, Nike releases a full-length commercial featuring Colin Kaepernick.

Here’s the Donald Trump tweet criticizing Nike:

Kaepernick narrates the video with clips of many athletes and people overcoming their challenges in a motivating movie.

Nike and Colin Kaepernick shared the commercial on their twitter and youtube channels.

In the video, it shows different inspirational clips from sport related stories such as football, tennis, basketball and more from amateur athletes.

Some examples are playing football with only one hand at pro level, an Ironman participant who lost 120 pounds and survived from a brain tumor. Appearances of professional athletes doing more than sports such as Serena Williams the tennis player, LeBron James who opened a public school and Shaquem Griffin who only plays with one hand at football.

However, any clip of Kaepernick protesting is not shown.

Kaepernick is the quarterback for the team San Fransisco 49ers were sitting out the national anthem back in 2016 which started a huge Twitter storm. The reason he decided to not sing the national anthem was a protest against “a country that oppresses black people and people of color.” he explained.

Since then multiple athletes have been doing the same and the Take a Knee protest and that became quickly a hot debate.

The movie ends with the words “it’s only crazy until you do it” and then the famous Nike slogan ‘Just do it’.

Here’s the clip uploaded on Nike’s Youtube channel:

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