New Apple Leak Shows What The New iPhone Names May Be

apple iphone XC red

Apple’s ‘Gather Round’ event that will announce the new iPhones and possibly Apple watch will come up this week.

They will probably announce the new products they will launch in the fall just in time for Christmas shopping.

Some products that are expected to be announced are three new iPhones, one updated version of the iPhone X, one larger version with bigger screen size, and finally a cheaper 6.1 inch LCD version that will be cheaper entry level.

But before that event, there have been some leaks as always it makes you wonder how it always comes up leaks even though Apple tries to prevent products from leaking.

This new leak suggests that the new entry-level iPhone will be called iPhone XC.

You can also see from the leak that the colors if it’s the leak is correct the XC would come in shiny red, white and blue colors.

Tweets below from Ben Geskin with leaked images.

According to the verge, the bigger version will be called iPhone XS Max. We don’t know yet what the XS could stand for maybe extra small? Who knows, time will tell at the announcement.

Rumors have that the new name line up for all the iPhones are ‘iPhone XS’, ‘iPhone XS Plus’ and the ‘iPhone XS Plus’ reported by 9to5mac. That lineup seems to make more sense but still is unconfirmed.

The Apple event will be held September 12th that will probably be live-streamed on Apple’s website.

Will, you get the new iPhone and in what color?

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