Live Shark Dragged Out Of Water Just To Take Selfies


On 20th July at Fire Island, New York this sad thing happened.

The shark was minding his own thing, swimming around, but then out of nowhere, it was caught and dragged from the water up to the beach.

It was dragged up by its tail where there was a crowd of people gathering the helpless shark.

Around the shark, people were up with their smartphones and taking pictures. The shark was later put in back to the water.


It is against the law to drag a shark on the beach like that and by doing it like that you can dislocate their backbone, and gets trapped in their grills and eyes that cause wounds that can get infected later on.

Later on just because they swim away doesn’t mean it will survive.

Since this photo has gone viral many have voiced their opinions some anger and some say they witnessed the event and they caught the shark to remove a hook.


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