Instagram Are Building an App For Shopping? Wow!

IG shopping

Instagram will launch its own standalone app that will enable you to buy from businesses you follow on Instagram according to the verge.

The new Instagram name for that may be “IG Shopping”, personally think Instagram Shopping would be better though.

In this new shopping app, you can browse products from merchants that you follow on Instagram, probably those who have a  business type account on Instagram.

Then you can simply purchase the product directly in the app, Instagram has not decided to comment on this yet.

There are no dates set in stone when it might launch, it’s still under development and may even get canceled.

But many believe they want to compete with the giant e-commerce business Amazon.

instagram shopping computer

The Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg said in a recent earnings call for Facebook that more than 25 million business accounts are already on the Instagram platform and two million advertisers are advertising.

So many follow already these business accounts four in five already to be exact, so creating a standalone app for shopping would create a shopping experience that are targeted on what the user is interested in.

Instagram has already dived into some shopping features already such as being able to tag products on the photos so you can see the price and directly shop from the photos. So definitely something is being worked on.

The IGTV app was released last June so it’s not impossible to create a new standalone app for Instagram.

So soon in the future, you may be able to buy directly from your favorite brand, influencer, and businesses.

What are your thoughts on this, would you use the IG shopping app if it becomes reality?

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