All New Fortnite Season 5 Skins [Leak]

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season 5 fortnite skins leak

With the new season 5 world collide update coming to Fortnite there are of course tons of new stuff coming at your way and these are the new skins. Will be updated as more skins will get revealed.

(Season 5 Spoilers Below!)

season 5 fortnite skins leak

These skins look like solider blackbeard? The two other one is a hunter and one is the main default skin for season 5 it looks like he is taking of an Egyptian mask? What do you think?

Fornite Season 5 Skins Leaks

These new skins are datamined from @twoepicbuddies some of these may be for new amazon prime skin pack?

season 5 fortnite skins shark regular amazon prime

That Viking looks really cool, the 3rd is a wrestling skin? The bottom right special forces skin is already in the game don’t know why it’s there.

phases battle pass skins season 5

The new headpiece looks evil and the skin seems to start pretty basic and evolve into something powerful hopefully it has some animation effects on it.phases battle pass skins season 5

all fortnite skins seasons 5

Here seems to be the majority of the skins, a few cowboy skins, and wrestling skins. The theme seems to be little all over the place but still really cool.

Fortnite Season 5 Gliders, Pickaxes, Emotes, and Backpacks

pickaxes skins season 5 fortnite

The new pickaxes skins vary from funny looking skins and some badass ones. Example the 3rd seems to be a balloon pickaxe? I wonder how well a balloon axe could mine but hey it’s Fortnite.



all fortnite season 5 backpacks

These seem to be the backpacks of season 5? The 4th is a shark fin I would imagine, hopefully, it sticks out of the water when you swim so you can disguise as a shark.

fortnite season 5 gliders

Here are eight gliders, the number one is a wooden llama it looks like. Number two is a rescue boat that will fit good with the rescue swimmer skin that is coming to season 5 too.

new season 5 emotes fortnite

The 2+2=4 emote is great to show off your high IQ. I wonder if any of these dances are from the community.

new fortnite season 5 trails

The third trail he is holding toilet rolls hopefully they can get really long in the air.

The Fortnite Season 5 Rewards

fortnite season 5 beach balls elite

Apparently, each ball has an elite version so to the right is the elite version skin.

season 5 umbrella fortnite

Finally, the season 5 umbrella which is useful at the beach not to get sunburned. Overall the Fortnite team has done an amazing job as always keeping the game fresh and pumping out a lot of skins.

Credit goes to again @TwoEpicBuddies

So what do think of these skins? share this post.

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