Top 10 Free Software So Good You Can’t Believe It’s FREE!

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free software

Developing software can be costly and take a long time, so it’s no wonder often software is either a monthly payment or one-time purchase.

You might see a trend here, often the open source is free since it’s the community contributes their time and effort to make it work.

But here is top 10 free useful software that is actually free!

10. Blender


Blender is a professional free and open-source program that is used for 3D computer graphics such as creating animated films, visual effects, 3D models and anything you can imagine.

It is Windows, Mac, and Linux compatible and thanks to the open source nature it has a strong community effort in it and you can find resources and help from others easily.

Blender site.

9. VLC (Media player)


An old trusted media player released back in February 2001 is VLC, it’s free and open-source. It plays all video format you will encounter and is fast to use. Available in many operating systems such as android, windows, Linux, Mac, iOS and more.

Also, have a bunch of add-ons completely free.

VLC site. (Videolan Donation link)

8. OBS (Open Broadcaster Software)

obs app

With this tool, you can live stream video and audio or record videos. It’s considered best streaming software on the market because it really does everything and it’s really lightweight.

Does every feature you can possibly need such as chroma for overlays, save audio sources as separate tracks if you want to mute the music if you want to edit a video for example.

Support for Windows, macOS 10.10 and later and Linux

OBS site.

7. 7zip

Is used to uncompress files such as .rar .zip and more. Also open source and really fast to unpack files. Free Open-Source and available for Windows, Linux, macOS, ReactOS.

7-Zip Site.

6. Audacity

audacity timeline

A free digital audio editor where you can record audio and also edit your audio with a bunch of audio effects such as pitching, reverb, delay and more.

All this in an easy to use the timeline to make the audio do as you wish.

Available for Windows and macOS.

Audacity website.

5. Calibre


The best ebook manager ever period. You can use this to organize your e-books into virtual libraries. There you can edit and sync your e-books to a variety of e-readers.

The UI is not the most modern but hey it’s free. If you’re into managing your e-books you gotta try this.

Calibre website.

4. Krita


If you can’t afford Photoshop, Illustrator or want’s an alternative to GIMP then you can try out Krita.

It’s a graphics editor that is designed in mind for digital painting and animation purposes, and it shows with the tons of different brush presets.

The layout is similar to Photoshop but it’s really easy to use and fun!

It has a diverse active community to find tutorials and find help from.

Krita website.

3. Discord


Discord is mainly used by gamers for their choice as voice chat but it’s also often used to have communities discuss and share memes on.

It’s mainly a voice & text chat app but has a ton of features inside that just makes it fun to use with friends.

Such as discord bots which can do all kinds of stuff like play music in the voice channel you’re in, send gif’s, custom emoji’s, see what game friends are playing.

Also recently they added a face cam/video screen sharing, so now it has all the features Skype have.

Discord website.

2. LibreOffice

libre office

Here is a free and open source office suite gives you the tools to write documents and make presentations.

Not much to say than it’s a perfect alternative for Microsoft office if you’re on a budget.

LibreOffice website.

1. Windows Snipping tool

snipping tool

This is somehow forgotten but it’s already built in Windows and it helps you focus on what you want to screenshot instead of the whole screen.

To open snipping tool press “Start” and type in and search snipping tool and select it from search results or drag it to your start bar to keep it there to open it faster.

Then you press new and then drag a square of what you want to screenshot.

There are also different modes to chose from.


For Mac users, it’s same as pressing Shift+Cmd+4.

Windows snipping tool.


That’s all ten I’ve found to be helpful.

Do you have any free software to share, leave a comment below?

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